Pine Tip Blight Disease

Plano TX Pine Tip Blight Disease Treatments

Plano TX Pine Tip Blight Disease Treatments

Pine tip, also known as Diplodiatip blight or pine needle illness, is a fungal condition that attacks pine tree trees. Plano arborists know how to manage this disease in areas that have a lot of pine trees. This destructive fungus remains active through the winter months. Once the tree has been damaged, the disease becomes more evident in spring when new growth begins. It’s easy to see when new needles are growing. They become shorter, yellower, and then turn brown. The annual needle growth is typically destroyed and branches maybe even destroyed in extreme situations.

This disease starts at the base of the tree and gradually moves up. Young seedlings may be affected by Pine needle Blight. However, older fir tree species (those older than 30 years) can be particularly at risk. Stress and other damage may cause the older trees to be weaker. This deadly fungus is a favorite of mature residential trees. These are those that are most common here in Plano. If you suspect that your pine tree may be suffering from Pine Blight, don’t hesitate to call an arbor-care professional.

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Diagnosing Pine Tip Blight

Plano-certified arborists have the ability to diagnose the disease quickly and easily. You can see fungus by the appearance of black spots on pine cones, needles, and bark. These tiny black spots indicate Diplodia fungal infestation. The tree service specialist will examine the cones and bark carefully for any tiny specks. These dots frequently appear on fallen leaves. These tiny, resin-like droplets can also appear on dead needles. An experienced pathologist will inspect needles for droplets. Plano arborists will help you to determine the tree’s health and then set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep it healthy.

Pine Tip Blight Disease. What is the best treatment for it?

Plano’s most experienced arborists can offer professional advice to those who are setting up new outdoor spaces. Pine tip blight can often be reduced by planting fir varieties. It is important that soil drainage is perfect and that soil has not become compacted by construction. These steps will ensure roots receive the necessary nourishment. Experienced tree companies can help you to prune infected branches. The best way to make sure that your first is strong and last is deep root fertilization. Pine tips can be controlled by fungicides. It is best to use them on a daily basis by professional arborists. Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding are the best arborists to help you develop a maintenance plan that will not stop the threatening fir from coming back.


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