Anthracnose Management

Plano TX - Anthracnose Management

Plano TX - Anthracnose Management

Anthracnose can be caused by fungi that are closely related. Although anthracnose illnesses are not typically fatal or permanent, they can make trees more visible and make them more vulnerable for other pests. Plano is home to many leaf-shedding plants, including oaks, maples, maples, dogwood, and sometimes walnut. These trees are prime candidates for anthracnose infestation.

Anthracnose fungal symptoms include wounds on the branches of trees, reduced twig production, and premature leaf shedding. If leaves turn black soon after the winter months, it is possible for untrained individuals to mistakenly conclude that they are frostbite. Plano-certified arborists will be able to determine the stage at which anthracnose is progressing.

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Anthracnose is: A closer view

PlanoTree Service & Stump Grinding certified artists should always be contacted if a Tree has been signed such as thinning. The severity level of leaf spots/blotches and other irregularities will vary based on the tree’s type. Only a qualified arbor professional can diagnose the problem. Anthracnose must be diagnosed and treated immediately. It is important that you take preventative measures, and eliminate infected branches and leaves immediately. Dead branches and leaves must be removed so that anthracnose does not spread further. Sprinklers located above ground should not be used as excess moisture can promote the spread of the fungal infection. For the best treatment and starting time, companies that grow Plano trees will perform diagnostic testing.

How to Treat Anthracnose Fungal Disease

Pruning can help increase circulation and promote tree health in winter. To prevent anthracnose spread, it’s important to take down damaged branches. Planetree trimming services can ensure the right pruning. Chemical treatments may not be necessary unless a tree suffers from thinning, loss or damage over many years. While anthracnose cannot be eliminated by using fungicides to kill it, they can be used for the preservation and maintenance of healthy trees. Plano arborists can help determine the right type of fungicide to use and when it should. This is because the severity, the season and the damage all impact how fungicide treatments should be performed. Large trees will require high-power spraying in order to achieve complete coverage. Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding will apply chemicals professionally. Certified arbor care professional will inspect, diagnose and provide a customized plan for restoring infected trees.


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