Powdery Mildew Treatment and Diagnostics

Plano TX: Powdery Mildew Treatment and Diagnostics

How do I treat Powdery Mildew on Trees?

It is a good idea to trim infected branches. This will prevent the disease spread to other healthy branches and may help preserve the host tree’s health. You can also spray the leaves with a systemic pesticide, such as fenarimol (Rubigan), propiconazole (Sisthane) or myclobutanil [Sisthane], to keep them from spreading the disease.

Prevention of powdery mold

It is a bad idea to spray irrigation systems overhead onto trees. It is best to keep trees trimmed in the fall and winter. Powdery Mildew tree infections will most commonly be found in the lower branches around irrigation systems. Proper trimming and overhead watering are important.

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Plano Arborists

Plano residents can be treated for powdery mildew by speaking to one of our licensed and certified professionals. Another positive treatment option is microinjections. These combine deep root nutrition with fungicide in winter and spring. If you do not claim drought benefits, it is strongly advised to reduce watering. Warm, humid climates work best for spore formation. Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding tree doctors can help you treat your trees. Infected branches can be cut when it’s cooler.

Plano has a trained and licensed arborist who can help you keep your trees happy. Vigor tree shots can be added as well. This will help you keep your plantation tree and shrubs healthy throughout the entire year. Call us now to schedule your complimentary appointment.


Both synthetic and organic treatments are safe

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