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Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding may be able to help your Italian cypresses or leyland trees return to health. Tree doctors can diagnose any kind of tree disease. Tree assessments include checking for the health of your trees, checking for feeder roots as well as branch and main trunk health.

Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding is staffed by a Certified Arborist, who can assist you in caring for your trees.

Brown Dieback Removal of Scale Leaf-Sick Cypress Trees

Plano TX Seiridium Unicorn Canker, or Seiridium Canker, can be treated. Seiridium Unicorn Canker or Seiridium Canker is possible for many reasons.

Canker in many Juniper Cypress, Leyland Cypress, or Italian Cypress stems from weather-related stress.

Cypress Trees may be affected by weather

Canker disease in Plano TX, which can affect Cypress trees, can happen for many reasons.

According to Texas A&M University Agriculture Lab Department. The weather plays an important role when it comes to the health of trees.

It is important not to forget to pay attention to the changes that take place in Cypress trees from February through November, and especially during their summer months.

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Seiridium Canker canker tree diseases can often be prevented with early treatment.

Cypress Trees may be affected by excessive rainfall or prolonged drought.

You might have years with very cold and wet climates. Cypress trees can’t thrive in either cold or wet climates. Here’s another way to make it worse:

Drought or wet cold winter

Prevalent cold spring temperatures of 30 to 70°C in the morning and 60-60 to 70°C in the afternoon. “Watch out for the prolonged wet season” Sometimes poor landmanagement can lead to too many saturations. This is followed immediately by a very hot, dry summer.

Too much saturation

Feeder roots negatively impact Cypress trees Research shows that feeder roots can become blocked by a fungal organism, which may prevent the tree from absorbing nutrients and water through their canopy. Cankers often develop at the base or shoots of the tree.

Seiridium Unicorn/Seiridium Canker can be a secondary illness. The fungal infection could spread via the air. In most cases, the fungal infection will spread to nearby cypress forests. Drought may also trigger the disease.

Many years will begin in a cool or wet climate. Cypress trees can’t withstand cold, wet, and warm climates. This would be the perfect storm for a decrease:

  • Winter cold and snow
  • Prevalent cool and wet spring temperatures at 30°C in the morning and 60-70° in the afternoon. Pay attention to prolonged damp season
  • Sometimes, you need to water less by managing the land.
  • The following is followed up by a severe summer drought.

Too much saturation at feeder roots can make Cypress trees very sick. Further research found that fungi could be blocking feeder roots. This will block the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and water from the branches. Most often, cankers form at the base or shoot roots.

Seiridium Unicorn/Seiridium Canker can be a secondary illness. This fungal infection could spread via the air. In most cases, the fungal infection will spread to nearby cypress forests. Drought can also cause the disease.

The Cypress Tree suitable for Seiridium Canker Therapy

There are a few steps that you can take depending on how serious the situation is. Trees with more than 30% brown leaves should be removed. This will prevent them from transmitting the disease onto other Cypress trees.

For cypress tree tops that are susceptible to tree disease. It is better to have them removed. They should be removed from Cypress trees with a lower tolerance than 4 caliperinch. They will not be able to take the treatment. The treatments are effective for Cypress trees over 4 caliper Inches.

Seiridium Canker Treatment

  • It is important that brown branches are removed and brought back to the main stem.
  • Take all leaf clippings and debris from the ground around the tree’s base.
  • Keep your equipment clean between cuts.
  • The first application of any fungicide onto the foliage. The second application of fungicide to foliage will usually be required later in the year.
  • Microinjections of a different fungicide can be used to infect the blood vessels.

If the tree has new browning, you can repeat this process. Trees can’t heal themselves within the same environment that they were in when they got sick.

Before treatment can succeed, it’s important to identify the source of the Seiridium Canker infection. If drought was the root problem, make sure your tree is connected to water. If saturation is a problem, it is important that you reduce watering.

Plano TX tree-doctors

This beautiful cypress can be saved using other aggressive methods. Call us today to speak with one of our Plano Texas certified Arborists. We offer real solutions in Plano Texas for your tree disease problems.

Diagnosis tree disease

Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding is staffed by a Certified Arborist, who can assist you in caring for your trees.

Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinder arborists are equipped with the knowledge and education of Texas A&M. This will help diagnose your tree’s seiridium cankers. If trees are saved, a treatment program will be offered for a small amount.

Our tree doctoring crew is highly skilled at deep root tree fertilization as well as micro tree injections. We have extensive experience with capital injections. We have real solutions for plant-based problems.

How to detect if Plano Texas is causing tree disease. Pay close attention to the canopy. If you observe any form of dying or defoliation, you should contact a tree physician. The shrubs on your property should be treated as brown leaves were before fall.


Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding provides evergreen tree services. Our tree service knowledge spans many years. We have over 60 years of experience in Texas tree service. Call us today to arrange a free tree evaluation.


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