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Dutch Elm Tree Disease.

Dutch Elm Disease is a very serious and widespread wilt epidemic that has infected Plano, and surrounding communities. Plano, Flower Mound & Dallas have seen this aggressive disease increase rapidly over the past few years. American elm can be very vulnerable. These areas could have been seriously damaged by the elm tree variety, according to arbor professionals.

The rapid spread of the disease means that only an experienced tree company should have knowledge. Dutch elm infection attacks the tree’s cell walls, interfering with the healthy flow and distribution of nutrients, water, and oxygen from roots, branches, and finally, the leaves. The disease quickly spreads throughout the tree’s limbs. In a matter of weeks, the disease causes young branches to curl into hook-shaped ends.

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Diagnostics of Dutch Elm Disease

This severe tree disease can quickly be diagnosed by a certified arborist. Dutch Elm Disease symptoms include dead branches, disease-transmitting beetles, and the presence of disease. Plano’s top tree company is able to confirm this. Unusual streaks found under the bark are a sign that this deadly disease has already been confirmed. Routine laboratory testing can be done by an experienced plant pathologist to confirm Dutch elm disease. Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding specialists possess all the required training to diagnose and determine the best course of action to eliminate this disease.

Dutch Elm Tree Disease. How to Treat it

Although it is a hostile and rapid-spreading disease, Dutch elm can be managed. It is possible to control this tree threat and eradicate it by using multiple methods of tree removal. It is important that sick and dying trees are removed in order to stop Dutch Elm Disease from spreading from one tree to another and the entire community. Plano’s professional arborists are able to create a customized maintenance plan for your situation, in order to eradicate Dutch Elm Diseases and prevent future outbreaks. This disease can also easily be eradicated using chemical or insecticide treatments. Tree sprays can be used as well as tree injections. Spray coverage should include all areas. This should be combined to prevent the disease’s return. Plano Tree Service & Stump Grinding experts can help you determine how Dutch Elm Disease is prevented and the best course of action and maintenance for your situation.


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